Yes! We are huge believers in recycling and reusing, we aim to donate at least three van loads a week to various charities, food banks, cat and dog shelters, and homeless centres.

We aim to reuse and recycle 95% of house contents.

If there are items in the property that you wish to keep, we advise you to leave a sticky note on them, so when the team arrive they will know exactly what is to remain in the property.

If you are not present for the clearance, we can discuss what is to remain in the property, or alternatively you can email us a list of what is to stay.

  • We recycle 95% of house contents, whatever can’t be donated will be taken to a commercial recycling centre to be recycled accordingly.
  • We donate as much of the contents as we can to charity shops, food banks, homeless centres, and cat and dog shelters.
  • We understand that a lot of houses contain sensitive materials (bank statements, passports, credit cards etc), we ensure that these are all destroyed to keep you safe from identity theft.
  • We often find valuable items hidden amongst clutter or bric a brac, we always notify you in case these items are useful for you, some items include jewellery, family photographs, antiques, war medals, and even cash.