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Hoarded House Clearance

FREE Asset Recovery Service

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service

Before arranging a house clearance, we can view the property in person in order to give a quote, whilst we do this, we offer a FREE hoarded house clearance asset recovery service.

Hoarded properties may appear to contain no worth, and our customers are usually more interested in prompt clearance, in order to list the house for sale or return the keys to the landlord.

When you post your keys to us for the property, we will thoroughly search through the property to find any hidden valuables for you, once we have done this, we will provide you with a quote, and then discuss the best way forward with you regarding the actual clearance of the property itself.

We can offset all items of value against the cost of the clearance, or we can post them to you prior to the clearance starting, our pre-clearance asset recovery search is free of charge and if there is nothing to be found, then we expect nothing in return.

Items Found For Customers During A FREE Asset Recovery

FREE Asset Recovery Service FAQs

What Is A FREE Asset Recovery Service?

A FREE asset recovery service is a service we offer pre-clearance. Our specialist teams will attend the property to source all valuable items, paperwork, documents, antiques etc for you.

What Happens To The Valuable Items?

We can either off-set them against the cot of the house clearance, or we can advise where to sell them. If you are wanting to keep said items in the family, we can either leave them in the house for you, post them to you, or leave them with a chosen person nearby the property, i.e a neighbour, relative etc.

What If You Find Nothing Of Value?

If we find nothing of value within the property, our time was still not wasted as we had to be there regardless in order to give a quote for clearance.

Do You Only Offer This Service If The Property Is Hoarded?

Yes, because when it comes to hoarded properties we have to see the property in order to give an accurate quote.

Why Do You Offer This Service?

We offer this service as we have to attend the property to regardless to give a quote for clearing a hoarded house. Often our customers see the contents of the house as having no worth, but sometimes we find hidden items amongst the hoard, this allows our customers to recoup money back from the property.

Do I Have To Be Present?

No! You can either post us the keys to the property to our head office, or leave them with a neighbour or in a safe place, and once we are finished we will return them back or post them back to you. We will also send you photographs of the items we have found amongst the hoard, and email you your quote for clearance.


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