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House Clearance – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Get A Quote

The first step to getting a house clearance done, is to contact a house clearance company to receive a quote. You can contact us below and we will ask you a few simple questions regarding your house clearance to give you a quote.

Step 2: Finding A Reputable Company

In order to carry out a house clearance, and dispose of your waste correctly, a company by law has to carry a Waste Carriers Licence, it is also a bonus if a company is a member of certain organizations such as the Anti Fly Tipping Association.

You should always compare companies by the service that they offer, and not just by the price, if the quote you have received seems too good to be true, it is usually, be aware of rogue and cowboy house clearance companies, you personally will be fined if your waste is fly tipped.

Here Are A Few Signs To Look For When Booking A Reputable House Clearance Company

✅ Real independent reviews from previous customers.

✅ Displaying their VAT and Waste Carriers Licence number on their website.

✅ Having a Waste Carriers Licence

✅ Members of reputable trade organizations such as the Anti Fly Tipping Association.

✅ Hold up to date business and public liability insurance.

Step 3: Book A House Clearance Service

Book in your service with a reputable house clearance company, arrange a date that is the most convenient with you.

Most house clearance companies prefer to start the clearance at 9am, to ensure they have enough time to clear the whole property that day.

NEVER pay anything upfront – a reputable company will always ask for payment once the property is clear, unless the house clearance takes more than one day, the company might request payment for the work carried out that day.

You should be contacted prior to the clearance, usually a day before the clearance is booked, you will be contacted as a reminder that the clearance is still going ahead.

Once you have booked your clearance, you should receive a confirmation email, stating the clearance address, date and time of the team arriving, and the quote you have been given.

Step 4: Your House Clearance Begins

The team should arrive at the specified time agreed, they should introduce themselves, and you should show them around the property.

The house clearance specialists usually have many years experience and should have a set way that they work e.g. starting the clearance upstairs working their way down.

Each house clearance is different, a standard house should take between 3-4 hours to clear, but if the house is hoarded, or large than a normal house, it could take longer, or even more days.

Step 5: Recycling

During the house clearance, the team should be categorizing the contents by reuse, recycling, or saleable, most house clearance companies donate a large amount to charities to keep their costs down, and also help keep landfill down, whatever can’t be reused will go to a commercial recycling site.

A house clearance company CAN NOT use a council recycling centre.

Some house clearance companies may salvage some items from a house to sell, and make more profit for their business.

Step 6: Leaving Feedback

It is important to leave honest and independent feedback for the work that has been carried out, this is helpful for other potential customers when they book a house clearance.

Hopefully this information is helpful for you when looking to book a house clearance, if you wish to book one in you can Contact Us here.

You can also find out more information about the services we offer by reading our frequently asked questions.